Friday Feature

This week we're sharing a home on Sauvie's Island, where a family of four lives comfortably in just 540 square feet. The owners bought the house in 2008 and wanted to remodel without changing the original 1940s structure of the house. In order to fit their lives into such uniquely small living quarters, they found creative ways to add storage and space throughout the home – built-in sofas in the living room double as beds for guests, while the drawers below offer an added place to store the children's toys, the bedroom has built-in bunk beds and a pull-out closet, and the parents traded a master suite for a cozy lofted bed above the bookshelves. Before you decide you could never fit a family of four into such a tiny space, take a look at the photos and try not to be convinced.

Design by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design / Photos via



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